The Famous Tesla Motors Secret Plan from 2006

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The Famous Tesla Motors Secret Plan from 2006

Post by teslamotorsgroup » Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:26 am

As many of you know, Elon Musk had a 'secret' plan that helped Tesla succeed that dates back to 2006. Essentially, Elon wanted people to change people's perspective regarding electric cars; he wanted people to see electric cars as not being boring Prius or Nissan leafs with ugly design and slow speeds. Therefore, he decided to enter the market with a luxury car, which was the roadster. Later, move onto a more affordable car, which was the Model X. And ultimately mass produce cars with an affordable price but keeping the great design and features.

Overall, this strategy has turned out to be successful for Tesla. Surprisingly with all the odds against them, Tesla was able to survive 2008 economic crisis. And now they are doing fairly well. Hopefully, they keep creating and reinventing more the automotive industry.

You can find the 'secret' plan ... you-and-me

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